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Vaccinations / Parasites

 Vaccinations/ParasitesDo not take your puppy on any outings until they have had all puppy vaccinations completed.  Please, Don't take your puppy on any outings until they have had all puppy vaccinations completed.Canine Bordetella B. Bronchiseptica.  Better known as Kennel Cough.  It is a bacterial respiratory tract infection transmitted by nasal secretions.  Harsh, non-productive cough may last 1-3 weeks. 

​ Bordetella can occur alone or in combination with other respiratory problems.Canine Corona.  

​A highly contagious, but mild and self-limiting intestinal disease that occasionally will cause death.  Causes vomiting and diarrhea in dogs of all ages, but is seen most often in young puppies.Canine Distemper.  Distemper is the number one killer of unvaccinated dogs and is highly contagious.  Its victims are usually puppies, although older dogs may come down with it too.  Because distemper manifests itself in various forms, it can be difficult even for experienced veterinarians to diagnose.  Symptoms include some but not all of the following: diarrhea, vomiting, reduced appetite, cough, nasal discharge, inflamed eyes, fever, convulsions, exhaustion and lack of interest in toys, games or attention.  While dogs with distemper occasionally recover, they may suffer permanent damage to the brain or nervous system.  

​Dogs that receive treatment immediately have the best chance of survival.Canine Adenovirus Type 1 & 2 - Infectious Hepatitis.  Infectious hepatitis in dogs affects the liver just as it does in humans, but humans do not catch the canine form.  In dogs, it spreads through contact with an infected dogs stool, saliva or urine.  Intense thirst is one specific symptom, but all the other symptoms are similar to those of distemper.

​  Hepatitis progresses rapidly and often is fatal, so prompt veterinary treatment is critical.