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Thank you Vanesa She's darling!Thank you Vanesa, she's darling! You truly are the best breeder Really professional and always there for response all my questions. I sure I will buy other chihuahua in the future from you. Your chihuahuas are absolutely stunning, smart and already potted trained. Thanks Again Karen from Chicago.
Reviewer: Karen, July 27, 2014      

thank you!!, You truly breed excellent, well-tempeThank you so much for the information. It is always so nice to know that I will have your expertise! You truly breed excellent, well-tempered dogs!!! We are sooo pleased and happy with our precious girl! Please keep me posted when you will be showing. Spoek to Dorita of the Caribe Kennel Club to begin obedience classes as soon as her vaccinations are finished. Take care! Anabelle FernandezReviewer: anabelle, June 26, 2014      

It's Kelly, I love my new man!!Hi Vanesa; It's Kelly, I love my new man!!! He is doing so good, eating, drinking, using his wee pad haha. He had one little acciden't, I can't believe how good & sweet he is. He just sticks by my side, I love it. He is starting to get romantic, like all Chi's haha kisssing and puttting his paw on my face! I am happy I have my new baby, he is asleep on my lap now as I watch the news. Thank you! Take Care Kelly, Boston.Reviewer: Kelly, April 17, 2013      

I'm just loving them both.Thanks so much Vanesa!! I will send you pictures as soon as I can. They haven't changed much & Susie doesn't look like she's grown at all. I had to buy a new safety gate because the one I had she could walk right through the bars! she is such a doll baby & so is Givenchy (actually I call them ginny and Kelly). They are truly my babies. They love me to just sit & watch TV so they can climb all over me and kiss me & play with me. I'm just loving them both. Bev from NC.Reviewer: Bev, January 31, 2013      

My second baby chis from Hollywood Chihuahua!Glitzy is doing great- her personality came out last night and she was jumping around like a little tiny bull trying to play- she went on and on…was afraid it was gonna drain her little energy so made her have some quiet lap time…. She is SO funny- smart- and already spoiled…her little whine she has all to figured out how to work people… bet she will be so excited to see her sister…. My second baby chis from Hollywood Chihuahua! Renae OK.Reviewer: Renae, January 31, 2013