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New Teacup Chis

Hollywood Chis

Teacup Chihuahuas

Show quality prospects or just quality Companion.

She has made me so Happy! I'm recommending "Hollywood Chihuahua" to everyone.  Most people want one when they see her!!!   :).April, Carolina, US.Thanks!  

​All is well. We are in love with babies! Maritza, WD.She is so cute. She is attracting so much attention.Anyway, Vanesa I gave her your email, website and telephone. She will contact you probably tonight. She definitely wants one.Have a super weekend.

Valerie Sikonia Chesapeake, VaThank You soo much for my precious angel, I'm naming her "Jewel Angelina Sikonia." 

Hi Vanesa,I just wanted to give you an update on Wilson. He went to see the vet and he is doing great. He is now 1lbs 8 oz.  If he is 1.8 now, what do you think he will be full grown? I want to thank you so much for breeding the best quality chihuahua and not going for quantity. You are very easy to deal with and very sweat lady. It was a pleasure to meet your your husband. Wilson is sweat and funny. He come to basketball games with us every Sat. He sits on people and the best is that when he is in his bag the little kids can hold him and can't squish him. He has been sleeping all night since the first night! It is very cute to watch him play with the shih tzus. He loves toys and he is just a pleasure to have in our family! I am now making the bags to sell and soon I will have a website and when I am ready will you put something on your website about them? 

Chihuahuas love them he sits in one in the car he sits in one in the bag that I carry him in and he has one for naps and night time. It like a security blanket. I have a picture of one of the bags on my phone, I will send it to you. Oh ya while we were at the vet's and I put his bag on the far side of the table then put him on the table, he immediately ran to the bag and got right in! It was very cute.

One day I would like one that is all white with black eyes and nose! ( I can only dream)

​Thanks again Rena

Nunca pense que hubiera personas tan dedicadas y comprometidas con los animales como Uds. Gracias por ser como son y brindarnos la oportunidad de tener mascotas no solo hermosas sino inteligentes y amorosas".Carmen Diaz Alvarado

Hi, thanks again guys for my beautiful baby girl Sugar,"you are the best chihuahua Breeder Always".Karen Clements

My thanks to my aunt Mary for discovering Hollywood Chihuahua and Thank YOU Hollywood Chihuahua for my cute babe Anabelle.Cynthia Carson