I want to thank you so much!!I just wanted to give you an update on Wilson. He went to see the vet and he is doing great. He is now 1lbs 8 oz. If he is 1.8 now, what do you think he will be full grown? I want to thank you so much for breeding the best quality chihuahua and not going for quantity. You are very easy to deal with and very sweat lady. It was a pleasure to meet your your husband. Wilson is sweat and funny. He come to basketball games with us every Sat. He sits on people and the best is that when he is in his bag the little kids can hold him and can't squish him. He has been sleeping all night since the first night! It is very cute to watch him play with the shih tzus. He loves toys and he is just a pleasure to have in our family! One day I would like one that is all white with black eyes and nose! ( I can only dream) Thanks again RenaReviewer: Rena, January 30, 2012       

Linda from Southampton!Hello Vanesa, Nina continues to amaze me! She is one special little puppy. I can't decide what I like best about her as everything about her is wonderful..hat's off to you and your breeding program! She is loving, playful, confident, curious..all the things you want in a well balanced puppy..she seems to be nuts about me also! I am very happy with her..she is perfection and you have done a fine job of getting her started on the piddle pads..she has yet to miss the pads! Amazing to me that she is so tiny yet so aware of her surroundings and where she needs potty. And the sleeping all night is heaven! She's an angel for sure! She is so funny when she plays and when she hops, like a little bunny! Without a doubt she is probably the cutest puppy in the world! Just wanted to keep you updated and let you know she is doing so well and that she is loved very much!Reviewer: linda, September 10, 2011      

Thanks again for my cute SugarHi, thanks again guys for my beautiful baby girl Sugar,"you are the best chihuahua Breeder Always". KarenReviewer: Karen, September 10, 2011      

Cynthia Carson, CaliforniaMy thanks to my aunt Mary for discovering Hollywood Chihuahua and Thank YOU Hollywood Chihuahua for my cute babe Anabelle. Cynthia CarsonReviewer: Cynthia, September 10, 2011      

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