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 I just wanted to say Thank You again Vanessa!I just wanted to say Thank You again Vanessa My baby " jewel" is almost 9 mos now and is the perfect dog!!! Everybody loves her me most of all :) Valerie NY.Reviewer: Valerie, January 31, 2013      

AWWWWW! They are sooo cute!Hi Vanesa, AWWWWW! They are sooo cute!the girls arrived safe and sound. Gevenchi was afraid of us at first, but is warming up already. Susie loved us right away & is running around having a great time. Thanks again! Bev.Reviewer: Beverly, December 5, 2012      

Thank You, for send my puppy to Brazil!!!!Hi vanesa I would like to say, thank you for everything, for You have tried to help me during this journey to here Brazil, everything went well, he's here with health and very happy. Magali Moraes Florianopolis, Brazil.Reviewer: magali, November 17, 2012      

​Thank You for so wonderful experience with my twoVanesa, again I would like to thank you for my two beautiful and happy babies! Stay sweet and kind as you are, don't let people distroy your kindness. Dr. Maritza F. Maryland,US. Reviewer: Maritza, November 17, 2012      

​Thank a lot for bring my chis to France!Thank You Very Much! Im Very happy with "Sete" baby, This is his Name. for us Sete is a luck number, because my daughter born 07/07/2007 my birthday is 27, my father is 07, my sister is 17 And the company name of my husband is 7mais7, so all in my life is 7. Was my daughter chose. I asked to her to name the luck to him, then she chose 7..rss:) Katherine P. from France.Reviewer: Katherine, November 17, 2012