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Hollywood Chihuahua con nosotros desde California!!, en verdad son los mejores en lo que hacen, muchas bendiciones.Gracias Hollywood Chihuahua, por brindarme la dicha de tener un nuevo hijo y la mascota que siempre sone..AlexaEstan super lindos!!!!!!!!!!!!, me encantaron todos,incluso tengo una y mi mama tiene tres chihuahuas.Yvette

​Super bellos los perros, no saben lo mucho que he buscado esta clase de chihuahuas. Me gustaria que se comuniquen conmigo. Zuleyma SantiagoFiel fan de Hollywood Chihuahua!, por favor me dejas saber cuando tengas la long coat like gabbana. Muchas Gracias!Ana

Saludos Les escribo solo para felicitarlos por su variedad de Chihuahuas no solo es la mas completa que  he visto en Latino America sino que sus ejemplares son unos de los mas Bellos que podido ver en un solo criador.De todo corazon los felicito y que sigan mejorando la raza.Att: Luis La Fontane"Solo quiero agradecerles una vez mas por mi" bebe" Carly.

I am in love with my recently adopted baby my valenino is bello y bien inteligente y comico, we are in love., he is going to be 4 month and is show stopper on the streets, thanks vanessa for my beautiful son.                                                                                                                                 ABIGAIL OQUENDO                                        

Saludos. Aqui pasando por su pagina de internet  muy bonita. En realidad tienen razon sus perros son "unique". Aqui le envio la top de sus perros la gran. Mumu en realidad me la describieron muy bien. Es una perra dominante, jejej sabe convencer a sus amo es muy linda en verdad eleji la mejor . Muy agradecido . Le envio una foto por si la desean poner en site sus crias dicem la calidad de sus chihuahuas.    MAGDA REYES        

Hello Vanesa,Nina continues to amaze me!  She is one special little puppy.  I can't decide what I like best about her as everything about her is wonderful..hat's off to you and your breeding program!  She is loving, playful, confident, curious..all the things you want in a well balanced puppy..she seems to be nuts about me also!  I am very happy with her..she is perfection and you have done a fine job of getting her started on the piddle pads..she has yet to miss the pads!  Amazing to me that she is so tiny yet so aware of her surroundings and where she needs potty.  And the sleeping all night is heaven!  She's an angel for sure!  She is eating well now and seems to be enjoying the new kibble as well as the cooked food.  I think if given the choice she'd prefer the cooked food, but I have been putting the kibble in with her food and she is eating everything in the bowl..I also leave a small amount of dry kibble for her to snack on..along with fresh water at all times.  She seem to have made a remarkable adjustment.  So I am quite happy and so is Nina.  She is so funny when she plays and when she hops, like a little bunny!  Without a doubt she is probably the cutest puppy in the world!Just wanted to keep you updated and let you know she is doing so well and that she is loved very much!  Hope you are well, regards to all your puppies!Sincerely, Linda She is full of energy and so sweet.  She has attitude, but not in a bad way and she is so sure of herself!  

What confidence for such a small baby!  And the were right about that little monkey..she sleeps with it, sometimes resting her head on it as a pillow..she really is quite special.  Thank you so much again for having such a wonderful puppy!   Oh, one more thing..she sleeps all night, no waking up in the middle of the night!   

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