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Sales Agreement

Sales Agreement Date:      Buyer:Name: Street #:  City, State, Zip    Phone #:    Email:    Purchase price:                                                                                              Shipping/Handling:       Pay Pal Fee:                                                                                                    Total:       Litter registered with:                                                                                  AKC Registration Status:  Full/LimitedSpay/Neuter Contract:  Yes/NoMicrochip #                                                                                                      Breed:  Chihuahua Sex:  DOB:                                                                                                                   Color:      Dam:        Sire:      Dates of Vaccinations:      Next Vaccination Due:      Type of Vaccination:      Dates Wormed:      Health Cert:      Health Guarantee as follows:This agreement is a legal instrument and buyer agrees that he/she has read and understands this agreement and no other guarantees or warranties have been made either expressed or implied by the Breeder/Seller.  There are no binding amendments unless in writing.   In the event of litigation with this guarantee, seller will be paid reasonable attorney fees by the buyer.  I also agree that any litigation will be held in seller’s county. Any litigation is between the Breeder/Seller and the Buyer.  _____InitialsThis contract is valid for the original purchaser of the dog from Hollywood Chihuahua (Seller). If the dog is transferred to another owner then this contract is null and void, as Seller has no way of knowing how the dog is cared for or who the puppy is placed with.  Buyer also must return signed copy of this contract in order for it to be valid within 5 days from acquiring said puppy.  _____InitialsI agree to e-mail the dated Vet report stating the puppies current health condition and a copy of the invoice showing procedures and care provided by vet to the breeder as proof of exam, the day of the exam.  If breeder is not provided with report and invoice showing procedures and care provided, this contract is null and void.  _____InitialsThis puppy is registered with AKC and is sold with a Full/Limited registration status. Hollywood Chihuahua has made every effort to provide you with a healthy puppy and guarantees that all vaccinations and deworming are current at time of sale.  A vaccination record will be provided as verification of events.  _____InitialsIt is Buyers responsibility to have this puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice within 2 business days of taking possession of this puppy.  If the puppy is found to have a life threatening congenital defect (heart, kidney, lung) or health problem at this exam, a replacement puppy of equal value will be given. The replacement will be subject to availability within 12 months.  _____InitialsThe puppy must return with a signed document from the Veterinarian stating the defect and it will need to be discussed with a Veterinarian of Sellers choice before any exchange is granted.  Seller is not responsible for illness or health problems that are diagnosed after this period.  _____InitialsAll medications and vaccines stated on pet’s medical records are given by us.  We are not responsible should an overload occur due to your Veterinarian doubting our records, which can make the puppy sick or even possibly cause death.  No vaccine is to be given to puppy until one week after taking possess of puppy, if given within the one week of delivery of puppy this contract is null and void.  If you or your Vet give Nasal Bordetella instead of Injectable Bordetella or Bordetella is given before one week has passed from delivery, this contract is null and void.  Pre-medicating with Cortisone and Benadryl prior to the vaccines is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Cortisone will prevent soreness at the site of injection and the Benadryl will reduce the chances of an allergic reaction.  Please have your Veterinarian call me if they question the vaccines 787-702-5961. _____InitialsSellers will not be responsible for illness or death due to Hypoglycemia or vaccine overload.  Please read attached information sheet on hypoglycemia.  _____InitialsSellers will not be responsible for Parvo or Distemper virus after 7 days of the sale, as these are viral diseases and they can be contracted immediately after leaving our facility. We implore common sense to the Buyer to not take the puppy to any public areas or around other puppies until the vaccination schedule has been completed.  _____InitialsSeller further guarantees this puppy until one year of age (from date of birth) against life threatening congenital defects, (heart, kidney, lungs).  If within that time period a life threatening congenital defect is found, Seller will replace this puppy with another of the same breed, quality, and sex.  The replacement will be subject to availability (within 12 months).  Seller will not be responsible for illness or health problems that are diagnosed after this time period.  In the unlikely event of this puppy’s death in the first 12 months, due to a congenital defect, a necropsy from a state veterinary lab confirming such an event and cause is required before the Seller will take any action.  Necropsy is performed at buyer’s expense.  In addition, a photo of the deceased puppy must be sent with the necropsy report for I.D. verification. Under no circumstances is this puppy to be euthanized without Sellers knowledge and consent.  Under no circumstances will Seller be responsible for veterinary or medical bills incurred.  _____InitialsSeller is not obligated to refund any or the entire purchase price except as stated in conditions above.  Violations of the terms of this contract renders all guarantees null and void and may result in the Buyer being required to return the puppy to the Seller at the Buyers expense.  If the Buyer violates this agreement, the responsibility of any/all legal costs the Seller acquires enforcing this contract is to be paid by the Buyer.  _____InitialsReplacement puppy exception:  As stated above with exception to a second replacement puppy.  Seller only agrees to replace a puppy to the owner on a One Time Basis Only. Seller will replace only one time from original puppy.  _____InitialsBuyer must notify us before selling or placement of puppy into a new home.  Seller has first right of refusal to buy puppy back for no more than original purchase price, this does not include any shipping that was charged or any show fees incurred.  If puppy has attained his AKC Champion title, then purchase price will be no more than original purchase price plus a thousand and fifteen hundred more if he has attained his AKC Grand Champion title.  At no time will said puppy be sold to another breeding home without prior approval and written consent from Hollywood Chihuahua/ Vanesa S Semler.  If buyer sells puppy without prior written consent, buyer will incur a $2,000 penalty.  

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