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Prevention Health Risk

Although Chihuahuas are usually healthy, they do have special health considerations, both as puppies and as adults. For puppies, starting at birth through age sixteen weeks, you should be aware of some potential health issues. Chihuahuas, among other small breeds, often develop "reverse sneezing," which can be caused by excitement, soft palate problems, dust and pollen, cold air, or a collapsed trachea. 

Your Chihuahua may sound like it is gasping or huffing for air, honking like a goose, or wheezing.Another Chihuahua health risk is hypoglycemia, as Chihuahuas have a very small fat reserve around the liver. This problem can happen at any age, although small, young Chihuahua puppies have a higher potential for developing hypoglycemia. Chihuahuas (just like people) need essential fatty acids, which are good fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6 that help build cell membranes in the body.

​ Without them, the body's chemical structure will not function as well. Omega 6 is one fatty acid that cannot be made by your Chihuahua's body. Therefore, you should ensure your Chihuahua is getting Omega 6 in its diet for optimal health.