Updated August 12, 2017 at 3:23 PM

New Teacup Chis

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Teacup Chihuahuas

Show quality prospects or just quality Companion.

Feeding.  All puppies are feed and will go home with By Taste of the Wild Holistic Dry Food.  Most of the puppies prefer the dry food mix with apples and carrots.   We feed out adults with Taste of the Wild Salmon - All my adults love it and do not have any issues with them being overweight. 

​The puppies are also fed wet food about a tablespoon full three times per day once in the morning, noon and once in the evening.  If the puppy is going home locally a can will be sent with you. The food haves a fish protein, grain-free formula with sweet potatoes provides highly digestible energy for your sensitive dog. Made with real smoked salmon, this formula offers a taste sensation like no other. Supplemented with fruits and vegetables, this fish and potato formula delivers natural antioxidants to help give your friend a healthy lifestyle. We also will cook for our puppies based on their needs.  I will boil one chicken breast (no skin) until cooked, one carrot, one potato and one egg.  I then microwave ½ cup instant white rice with ½ cup low fat and low sodium chicken broth with one egg whipped and dropped into the broth.  Cut chicken into tiny pieces not much bigger than the rice and mix with the rice, pour a little more chicken broth over to moisten.  

They will love this.  We feed this to the picky eaters, very small puppies or puppies that have just received their vaccines.  If your puppy ever does not want to eat, this is what I would suggest but do not make this a regular thing and spoil them with it.