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New Teacup Chis

Hollywood Chis

Teacup Chihuahuas

Show quality prospects or just quality Companion.

Color and Markings

Chihuahua Below is a list of the colors and markings available for this breed. Please refer to the breed standard for descriptions and the difference in types. Description: The name of the color and/or markings.Type: Standard or alternate. This is the classification of the color for show purposes. Please refer to the breed standard for specifics regarding this breed.Code: This is the code entered on an application for registration of a dog. 

 Colors DescriptionTypeCode

​ BlackS007Black & TanS018Blue & TanS044ChocolateS071Chocolate & TanS072CreamS076FawnS082Fawn & WhiteS086RedS140Black & RedA014Black & SilverA016Black & WhiteA019Black Sable FawnA354Black Sable SilverA353BlueA037Blue & WhiteA045Blue Brindled FawnA356Blue FawnA036Chocolate & WhiteA271Chocolate BlueA359Chocolate Brindled FawnA355Chocolate Sabled FawnA358Cream & WhiteA077Fawn Brindled BlackA357GoldA091Gold & WhiteA092Red & WhiteA146SilverA176Silver & WhiteA182WhiteA199 Markings DescriptionTypeCode Black BrindlingS073Black MaskS004Black SablingS072Merle MarkingsS035Spotted On WhiteS071White MarkingsS014Black Mask, White MarkingsA005Blue MaskA006Cream MarkingsA044Fawn MarkingsA008Red MarkingsA023