Updated August 12, 2017 at 3:23 PM

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Chosing your breed and Puppy

The easiest way to find a wonderful Chihuahua puppy is by finding a good breeder that you can trust. Most breeders will not allow visits with the puppies until they have received there first round of shots. Never schedule a visit if you are sick or have been exposed to someone sick.
When looking for your puppy, it is critical to know what you are looking for in the breeder’s home, the puppy’s parents, the litter and the puppy itself, in order to make the best choice.

The breeder’s home should be clean and neat with no signs of canine illness, such as vomiting or diarrhea, or inept care, such as mounds of hair, offensive odors, dog stools or urine stains. The condition of the breeder’s home and the environment in which the Chihuahuas are raised can tell you a lot about the potential health and temperaments of the dogs.
The adults Chihuahua present should be happy, healthy, beloved house pets. Most Chihuahua breeders recommend puppies be whelped and reared in the home. In a kennel is not an environment to whelp tiny Chihuahuas. While at the breeder’s home observe if organized accurate records are kept for both adult and puppies in regards to vaccinations, deworming’s and all other mating and health records. 

You should meet the parents and observer the parent’s temperament. Judging an adult Chihuahua’s temperament can be difficult even with well-bred good natured Chihuahuas. Do not expect the parents to greet you exuberantly and try to leap in your lap. This not the norm for Chihuahua temperament with strangers, especially for a mom. They are very protective of their family and make excellent alarms. You will never need a door bell that works.
Please remember that pregnancies often wreak havoc on a female Chihuahuas coat especially on a long coat. Long coated Chihuahua moms normally blow their coats shortly before or after giving birth. A mom that has blown her coat is not a sign of mistreatment or malnourishment, as long as all other signs of good health are present.

Okay you found a good breeder, but you are not certain whey the puppies they are offering is labeled “pet quality” are you getting a bad dog??? In most the cases the answer is no. the differences that separate pet quality pups from those with show potential are usually cosmetic and won’t affect their ability to be a great Chihuahua companion. Some of the faults that might make a puppy pet quality rather than show quality are just personal visual preferences. Size is always an issue. Smaller males are always preferred in the show ring, so a male that is 6 lbs. might not be kept for showing but might be great with kids. Now on the flip side a larger female is preferred because you do not want a female that is too small when it comes to breeding, but yet it seems like everyone want the small pocket size chi if they are not breeders. 
The most important thing you as a pet buyer should look for is a puppy that is mentally and physically sound.