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 You are always welcome to visit our home and see our Chihuahuas “with appointment only”. If you not able to come for a visit and pick your baby chis, safe shipping available only ship with “Pet Safe Program”. Check our website www.hollywoodchis.com for references, pictures and more information.

We are in Compliance with AKC regulations and passed inspection with high ratings. International Shipping has a different price. Our breeding program is done out of love for the breed, keeping our dogs healthy, happy, feeding quality holistic food and Holistic Salmon treats. No responsible show breeder and Puppy mills could sell a puppy for just a few hundred dollars.

Please be careful about the puppy you intent to buy!!!

Properly taken care AKC conformation shows Chihuahuas are very expensive! Unfortunately, many people can't see past the low prices. Even though they may have incurred thousands of dollars in vet visits to care for their unhealthy puppy.

We bred gorgeous apple heads, short muzzle, square bodies with excellent personalities. If you are looking for a very healthy well-bred puppy then you will love Hollywood Chis! 

Updated August 12, 2017 at 3:23 PM

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