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New Teacup Chis

Hollywood Chis

Teacup Chihuahuas

Show quality prospects or just quality Companion.

We thrive for excellence  we want to make sure that we find you the perfect Hollywood Chis Baby.  celebrities teacup pets

We want you to make sure that you have a positive & memorable  experience when adopting a puppy from us !

All of our Teacup puppies are hand raised, socialized and run free in our home. We show on every video or live chat (FaceTime or Skype), how they live amongst us in our home. They are potty trained, socialized and showered with lots of love & affection. When they arrive to their new home, they transition very well and they adapt to their new home immediately . Our puppies , are well cared for , vet check and we stand behind the quality and health of all of our puppies.

Our Teacup Chihuahua  Hadler Hiram Stewart

Neysha Lugo 


Ricardo Lugo

Trainer & Hadler

 Edwin D. Pollock

 Trainer &  Handler

Miracle Milly

World Smallest Dog 

Leslie Pagan

Vet Tech / Breeder Assistant 

Vanesa Semler

Certificated Breeder

Meet Our Team

We bred only quality Chihuahuas for more than 10 years (looks and temperaments). By viewing our dogs the quality can be seen only in Hollywood Chihuahua! Our Chihuahuas meet the AKC breed standards, have excellent temperaments, coats and conformation; all the result of the best breeding program. We bred to better the breed for showing or just loving chis companions. Our adults and puppies are all raised inside of our home with care 24/7 with central air, toys and TV. All parents have been genetically test before we bred. All puppies come to you up to date of vaccinations, properly dewormed, toy, blanket, trial size of puppy food, puppy care manual, contracts and warranties, Free 30 days Insurance, Nutrical, Declaws Remove, Akc Registration, and much more. All pups are well socialized, very healthy, spoiled and also potted trained. We are not a puppy mill! 

What to Expect

A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel at home. we can also video chat.


Genuine concern.

we are pet-owners Not only Breeders. We will treat your concern like it was our own.


Professional service.

we will provide the expert care your new family chis deserves.

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